NASCAR Mosquito Repelling Bug Badge

The Bug Badge is a DEET free, non-toxic, waterproof, one size fits all insect repellent wristband. Our molded plastic pins are infused with a special blend of natural insect repelling oils during our innovative manufacturing process.

Philipine Geraniol Oil, Indonesian Lemongrass Oil, Citronella Oil

How Do You Use It?
Simply pin the Bug Badge on your clothing and continue your day! No need to apply messy lotions or sprays. It can be used while playing golf, soccer, tennis, fishing, hiking, camping or any other indoor or outdoor games/activities. The waterproof nature of the product allows you to enjoy all of your normal activities without worrying about diluting the potency of the product.

Why Is Bug Badge The Best Non-Toxic Repellent?
The Bug Badge repels insects and can be easily applied any place and any time. The Bug Badge is DEET free and made from non-toxic oils. The Bug Badge lasts up to 180 hours.

8 pallets of 860 cases @300 units per case. Each case containing 4-75 piece displays boxes = 258,000 units. 1 Refill Box of 500 units Take all 258,500 units @ $0.14 each. Total cases 860 FOB:CA

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