3 Kato truck Cranes on mitsubishi engines


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Product Description

We have 3 Kato cranes NK 450 and 2x NK500 . Those cranes actually can lift 45 and 50 tons unlike most cranes on the market that are not rated for such weight even though manuals say they are
They are 1986 and 1987. All original parts
Mitsubishi Engine
Good runners all around
I have 3 pallets of spare parts with hydraulic pumps, engine overhaul kits filters and other spares for those exact models. They are all run on the same parts so very nice opportunity for someone that wants a fleet of cranes
Original Japanese cranes imported from Japan for government contract in 80s. Second owner. All cranes are working right now but construction company is retiring and slowly selling off its stock
Each crane is 86000 USD Shipped to base ports of Philippines or Middle East
Buyer that takes 2 or 3 in one order will get 6000 worth of parts for free
I have lots of videos for those seriously interested


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