Nicer Grade B 20′ and 40′ chassis fleet


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I wanted to offer below as an alternative to typical export chassis grade option as there are savings for paying for better fleets that come from tires being in better quality and brakes in good condition as well all moving parts. I think overall savings and product satisfaction will surpass in benefit the price increase.
We have a good fleet of nicer 40′ and 20′ chassis from B grade category for sale.
All units are road worthy for the US DOT which means tires 50% or better breaks are in good shape, all lights and electrical functions well. Landing legs and frames are straight and in good condition. Chassis ready for export.
The price is bit higher then typical grade C but the savings from tires, breaks and other small repairs are significantly more
C&F Base ports of Asia 3650 per unit for both 20 and 40. ( Savings in tires and breaks is over 600 per chassis ) .
I have very limited stock of both sizes, only 4 container loads of 40′ and 5 container loads of 20′ ready to ship now .


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