Older bobcats for sale liquidation and dump trailer


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Product Description

I have an option to get following 5 bobcats before they go for an auction
1. 2001 873 High Flow 2800 hours solid tires
2. 1998 863 4200 hours
3. 2x 1996 853   2300 and 2700 hours
4. 1 1998 863   only 1149 hours
Shipped in 45′ container.. Price for all 5 with freight to base ports of Philippines, Karachi, Myanmar 48000 USD
This includes purchase price of 5 units, loading and freight to destination port
Also can take them apart and load them into a 30 foot dump trailer and ship it on a flat rack
then package of 5 units plus dump trailer plus freight would be 64000 USD all in
Need to have as sealed sale by Tuesday of next week


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